Personal computers to become a lot more personal

SAN FRANCISCO – Electronic hardware such as phones, laptops, and the personal computer soon may become obsolete, thanks to new technology that augments the brain’s natural computational abilities and makes external devices no longer necessary for people to tap into the Web.

Biotech engineers at Instant Industries announced Tuesday at the Disrupt tech conference they developed the first mass-market version of Personal Nanite Computing, machines so small they are invisible to the unaided eye, but after being ingested replicate and organize themselves within the body for the purpose of enhanced cognitive functioning.

Representatives at Instant Industries said the Install pill dramatically improves memory within days for individuals who consume it, including those who suffer from degenerative neurological diseases.

Improved eyesight, hearing and sense of touch also come with a basic prescription, which costs $699 for activation plus a $69 monthly service fee.

Those with medical conditions are to receive priority for Install prescriptions, followed by the general public, whose members may seek the enhanced cognitive software for personal use.

Prescriptions for Install also allow users to interact directly with the Internet, a feature necessary so nanites circulating in the body receive regular updates, according to Instant.

As a result of this feature, biotech engineers believe PNC will replace demand for much of the electronic hardware available in the marketplace today and provide a more intimate and efficient medium by which people interact with each other and their environment.

“The Install pill is the first step toward a more personal and unified human experience,” said Jay Tashiro, chief executive officer for Instant Industries. “We are using the greatest computer known to man – the gray matter between your ears – as the hardware for radical new technology that successfully integrates you with the world.”

With recent breakthroughs in storage compression, memory access speeds, nanite construction and programming, Instant has created what some experts described as an evolutionary leap in exposing information to an individual.

Design schematic of an Install nanite

Design schematic of an Install nanite

How does PNC work?

The Install pill contains nanite factories that spread within a user’s digestive track and leverage the food he or she eats for the raw materials needed to construct the full system within one’s neurological framework.

Total build time takes one week.

What is actually being built?

The augmented recollection function provides more memory capability than a person could fill in five lifetimes of personal experience. With the average human mind able to store around 100 terabytes of information, nanites from the Install pill build a matrix on the inside of the skull that stores 5 petabytes of information for personal use.

Once the base storage system is in place, eyes are upgraded to 20/20 vision, and so is the user’s ability to zoom into an item of focus at 200 times magnification.

Hearing is next to be increased to extend the range of the average person’s audible receptive ability from 5 Hz to 50 kHz through thought-controlled sensitivity.

Hands receive another upgrade, with electromagnetic sensors and near field communication capability to share desired information with another person simply by touch.

Finally, the Install pill also provides significant smell and taste refinements.

Nanites circulating through the bloodstream

Nanites circulating through the bloodstream

Are my thoughts still my own?

Since the PNC software resides within a person’s head, some have wondered if thoughts remain private.

They do, according to Instant.

If a user wants to consciously connect to the outside world, a transmission toggle can be purchased that allows one to choose personal settings by which he or she may speak with others.

The toggle is an insert that fits around a user’s thumb. By pressing its sensor, individuals can carry on conversations with others in their mind, surf the Internet, as well as tap into the public memories of those who have chosen to upload and share parts of their lives.

“We’re talking true mental telepathy,” Tashiro said. “Users have the ability to receive and transmit thoughts to anyone else they wish who also has a prescription.”

Even if some users opt out of Instant’s mind-linking feature, however, the biotech company reserves the right to speak to users’ minds subconsciously, providing necessary Install updates to a brain’s nanite networks, generally acknowledged by a prompt users are asked to accept before they fall sleep.

“We need to keep your mind safe and secure when using this technology,” Tashiro said. “Therefore, it’s critical that Instant maintains close ties to your brain.”

The toggle is available for $299 and a $29 monthly ‘mind-link’ service fee, in addition to the original prescription cost and service fees of the basic package.

However, the toggle and its consciousness-networking capability may be obtained for free with an understanding that such users will be served environment-related advertisements, stored as a memory of a product or service. Such advertisements have an expiration date and are the only augmented memories that fade over time, according to Instant.

What can I expect once my PNC is up and running?

Once Install is fully operational, nanite factories begin a backup process by adding memory spread across a user’s skeleton. This feature is sure to cure amnesia, according to Instant, because if there is ever head trauma and the main memory within the skull is damaged, information is restored from the backup skeletal system.

“Making sure you are always you will never be an issue again,” Tashiro said.

Thoki Leander, Nov. 6, 2018

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