Good news, scientists say: Trump’s ‘wall’ of solar panels to unite the world against climate change

“The Fence for Our Future” is set to mend differences, create jobs. and save the environment through drug money.

TUCSON – Scientists gathered Friday for the groundbreaking of a wall being built on the United States border with Mexico that they said will be made of solar panels and will offset rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that will continue to poison all people on planet Earth, regardless of nationality, unless climate change is successfully mitigated.

The “The Fence for Our Future” will span nearly 2,000 miles along the U.S.-Mexico border and pass through huge swaths of desert that receive large amounts of sunlight. Along with it, a new high-voltage direct-current grid system is scheduled to go online in 2023 and transmit energy efficiently to border cities that include San Diego, Tijuana, Mexicali, Tucson, Phoenix, El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, San Antonio and Monterrey.

The Fence will include traffic points that allow safe passage between the United States and Mexico. The joint venture between the governments of both nations is estimated to cost $20 billion and likely to employ at least 50,000 people over the next several years, to be paid by monies confiscated by drug cartels and tax revenues gained from the legalization of marijuana.

Scientists present at the groundbreaking lauded the positive environmental impact The Fence is expected to have on climate change, along with further awareness and progress they hope it generates for this global issue.

“This is a huge win for those people of Earth still planning on having a future,” said Naomi Matterly, a climatologist from the University of Arizona who attended the celebration. “We are grateful for President Trump’s wisdom and cooperative spirit in helping the United States and its neighbors transcend nationalistic, xenophobic and socio-economic barriers by working together toward a common goal and shaping a better reality for tomorrow that not only Americans and Mexicans, but all citizens of the world, can embrace and support.

“Without the humanitarian vision and leadership of President Trump, it’s difficult for me to imagine what our world would be like.”

An artist's conception of what Trump's wall once might have looked like had he not changed his mind about climate change.

An artist’s conception of what Trump’s wall once might have looked like had he not changed his mind about climate change.

While President Trump was unable to attend the groundbreaking due to his participation in a summit with Elon Musk on robotic cultural integration and next-generation space exploration, he did issue a statement:

“Early in my administration I was presented dire reports filled with vast and credible evidence by scientists and leading environmental experts warning of the perils of climate change and dwindling natural resources. These are good people, smart people, so I took what they were saying seriously. I also was briefed by my economic advisers on the lucrative opportunities becoming available in renewable energy. Putting two and two together, it became apparent to me that all steps were necessary to unite the citizens of Earth in an effort to create sustainable economic development.

“Once I came to this understanding, I spent most of my first term working tirelessly on this issue, and I hope to offer our country and the world the kind of leadership we need in a second term as well.”

In honor of the U.S.-Mexico investment toward a brighter tomorrow, scientists said that The Fence, once complete, will be visible from outer space and resemble a child’s smile with braces.

Debora Fanning, May 9, 2020


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