Empathy tech to vet presidential candidates in 2020

This picture reveals the truth many Americans feel is hidden within their political system, which some say might change with the advent of empathy technology.

This picture reveals the truth many Americans feel is hidden within their political system, which some say might change with the advent of empathy technology.

SILICON BEACH – Voters heading to the polls to elect the next President of the United States will have the opportunity to preview the honesty and integrity of candidates, thanks to a breakthrough in empathy technology that allows users to read other people’s minds and perceive their true intentions.

Representatives from Instant Industries announced this week that ShareTime – the company’s popular device that enables users to experience ‘consensual consciousness’ and enhance interpersonal understanding – has been offered to presidential hopefuls in their bid for the White House so the voting public can better screen them before the 2020 election.

“ShareTime will usher forth a new era in government, which for years has suffered from distrust, divisiveness and political gridlock to the detriment of the American people,” said Jay Tashiro, Instant’s chief executive officer, at the company’s Santa Monica headquarters. “Imagine Americans not only watching and listening to important issues being discussed during the presidential debates, but also being able to know if the candidates are telling the truth.

“The pandering, lip service and broken promises that have become a mainstay in modern politics will be replaced with a candid dialogue between politicians and voters, who will now be able to perceive whether those seeking office truly aim to make their lives better – and ensure any liars never make it past the ballot box.”

The four candidates campaigning for the presidency have agreed to participate in the debates using ShareTime.

Campaign managers explained why they support exposing presidential hopefuls to the unparalleled public scrutiny made possible from empathy technology.

“We look forward to showing outgoing President Trump that the mass deportation of Latinos and other immigrants is an unacceptable and un-American way to treat families, many of whom have come to this country seeking a better life,” said Elisa Rodriguez, campaign manager for California Congressman Raul Ruiz, the Democratic Party’s nominee for president, whose popularity swelled in recent years due to his outspoken stance on current immigration policies. “The billionaire President lives behind a wall of privilege and ignorance that has failed to represent the interests of average Americans, so why are we letting him come between us?

“We need to tear down his wall, not help him finish it.”

A protestor marches in favor of California seceding from the Union.

A protestor marches in favor of California seceding from the Union.

Mirella Seagates, campaign manager for Maria Sanchez, presidential nominee for the growing Eco-Socialist movement, also welcomed the use of ShareTime during the debates, mostly because she said it would allow her group to convince the Pacific states to join California in its effort to form a new nation based on environmental and economic justice.

“The residents of the western United States have been tricked by the Republicans, Democrats and media for years into believing that their interests are being represented in Washington, D.C., when nothing could be further from reality,” said Seagates. “We look forward to proving the West Coast will be better off managing its own affairs by transforming it into the sustainable republic residents of the region want and deserve.”

An abandoned street in the Rust Belt has not seen the better days Trump promised residents in 2016.

An abandoned street in the Rust Belt has not seen the better days Trump promised residents in 2016.

Derek Thompson, campaign manager for Bob Frey, an Ohio Congressman and the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee, agreed that ShareTime would help his candidate spread his message regarding the government’s responsibility to maximize the economic and social freedom of all Americans, including those residing in his home state.

“We look forward to leading the referendum against Trump’s presidency, mostly because the Rust Belt is still rusting and the jobs the President promised us back in 2016 to replace the ones we’ve lost years ago in manufacturing have never materialized,” said Thompson. “It’s time the President cut the red tape, put money where his mouth is and find a way to bring industry back to Ohio, Pennsylvania and other impoverished places that have suffered through continued neglect during his first term.”

However, the strong language of campaign managers who showed support for using ShareTime during the presidential debates did not deter the message of Aurora Heck, campaign manager for President Trump, the Republican Party’s nominee for the nation’s highest office.

“As usual, the other presidential campaigns don’t know what they’re talking about,” said Heck. “In the past four years, we have seen a reduction in crime, improvement in the economy, and a flourish of freedom for most Americans that is unlike any ‘progress’ witnessed yet this century, all of which is attributable to the efforts of President Trump and his policies.

“Of course President Trump is in favor of using ShareTime during the debates. He welcomes any opportunity to affirm his reputation and assure the American people that he has done everything in his power to help them as he promised when he was elected in 2016.

“Those who contest Trump’s legacy never really believed what they heard him say he was going to do in the first place.”

Elizabeth Shah, Sept. 28, 2020

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