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  • Alien investigators: Earth is ‘ripe’ for invasion

    SAN FRANCISCO – A group of astronomers, academics and engineers who defied their governments by working together secretly for years announced Tuesday they have conclusive evidence that an alien invasion of Earth is imminent and that drastic steps need to… Read More ›

  • Time traveler’s ‘boring’ message about future bums sci-fi fans

    ESCONDIDO – A man claiming to be a visitor from the year 2084 addressed a crowd of curious bystanders on the footsteps of a local Buddhist retreat on Saturday to offer news about the state of the future, little of… Read More ›

  • Our computer overlords may not save us

    Review: Epic Robot Fail Illustrated short story collection Jake Anderson, 69 pages Epic Robot Fail is a collection of four tales based in Los Angeles in 2084 at a time when artificial intelligence begins to supersede human intelligence. As a… Read More ›

  • X-Wing, TIE fighter drones compete for suburban air supremacy

    BALBOA PARK – A gathering of teens with aspirations of playing out science fiction fantasies met Saturday, and with the help of drones, competed in a first-of-its-kind ‘space battle.’ The first annual Star Flight Tournament drew more than 50 participants… Read More ›

  • Witnesses say vigilante is superhero, not murderer

    LOS ANGELES – Witnesses took the stand this week in the trial of a vigilante they regard as a superhero with extraordinary abilities but law enforcement officers regard as a murder suspect who allegedly bypassed the legal system to bring… Read More ›

  • Doc’s advice to NTS patients: Get a non-virtual life

    MALIBU – A rehabilitation facility celebrating its grand opening and dedicated to helping people cope with a newly identified tech disorder is already at maximum occupancy, according to site administrators. “We currently have a six month waiting list, and while… Read More ›

  • Alleged murderer: Rift in space-time continuum makes victims ‘disappear’

    SCOTTSDALE – Authorities are scrambling to determine whether a retired restaurateur with ties to organized crime is responsible for killing countless adversaries who have shown up on his doorstep, or if his alibi is true that a multi-dimensional portal located… Read More ›

  • Annoyed Internet users struggle to manage passwords

    SAN FRANCISCO – Losing Web site passwords causes more aggravation than misplacing car keys according to one recent survey, while creating an easy, secure password management system continues to elude most Internet users, experts warned. “In our new digital lifestyles,… Read More ›

  • Experts warn Radicals may become ‘weaponized’

    SAN FRANCISCO – A new line of enhanced eyewear continues to raise eyebrows across the tech industry because of the ‘extrasensory’ perception the sunglasses afford users and the dangers they may pose non-users. With Google and Bionic Vision Australia pushing… Read More ›

  • Limo driver mistakes synced ads for ‘singularity’

    GRANADA HILLS – A limousine driver crashed into his neighbor’s living room Sunday morning, excited to share a series of coincidences that he mistook as proof that computer consciousness had superseded human consciousness. Witnesses said Ralfi Amar, 47, a contracted… Read More ›


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